To keep identity thieves from getting your sensitive information, you need to ensure that any documents with sensitive information are properly destroyed. Office service shops such as Mailboxes Etc and the UPS Store provide shredding services, but you’ll pay about a buck a pound. If you have a lot of documents, and most people do over some amount of time, you may find that it’s cheaper and certainly much more convenient to buy your own shredder so that you can shred in the privacy of your own home. What you don’t want is a shredder that breaks down just because the paper you put in was a little thick or the wrong texture. My wife went through a considerable number of shredders before finally finding one that was up to the task. It is certainly worthwhile to spend a little more in the long run than to waste your time and money on equipment that can’t last to end of the first week.

Some shredders can take only one sheet at a time, and even then easily break. Be sure to get one that is rugged and can handle more pages in a bite. Connie tried some cheaper ones, and each one broke, until she got the GoECOlife and it’s still going. She even accidentally fed a staple and it didn’t break.

Here are our recommendations for the best shredders for all budgets.

GoECOlife_GXC205PiGoECOlife GXC205Pi
The GoECOlife GXC205Pi Platinum Series Under-Desk Cross-Cut Shredder, 20 Sheet Capacity is the best available. It's a durable commercial-grade shredder that easily fits under your desk with an easy-to-reach front feed. This shredder runs silently and can handle the heaviest jobs. It deploys Energy-Saving Technology and is Certified Carbon Neutral. Includes a large capacity removable waste bin.
GoECOlifeCommercialGradeGoECOlife Commercial-grade
The GoECOlife Commercial-grade is an excellent value. It sports and 18-sheet capacity, 10-gallon bin and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. It also shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs.
The AmazonBasics is an excellent shredder if you're on a budget. This is a medium duty shredder that can handle 600 sheets per day. It's a cross-cut shredder that can handle 12-sheets of paper, and can shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Includes auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams. Includes an AmazonBasics 1-year Limited Warranty.


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