Disk Scrubbers

Simply deleting files that contain personal or financial information is not sufficient to protect them when you sell or give away a computer. The following are the best disk scrubbers for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

cyberScrubCyberScrub Privacy Suite
This is the best disk scrubber available for Windows. CyberScrub Privacy Suite permanently erases files and Internet activity, pictures, URLs, videos, email, chats, voice, peer-to-peer, "locked" windows files, browser history, newsgroups, and wipes free space. It erases data using the most efficient methods available, including U.S. DOD (5220.22), Germany's VSITR, and others.

safeeraser-boxbgWondershare SafeEraser
This product provides secure disk scrubbing for Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Windows PCs. It makes your data unrecoverable by identity thieves by deploying military-grade data destruction methods.

For scrubbing files on an Android, you may want to try this app; however, there are some issues, especially if you have a Motorola phone.


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