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Newly discovered exploit allows malware to steal OS X and iOS passwords

Researchers, primarily at Indiana University, have discovered Mac OS X and iOS security flaws that allow malicious apps that have been introducing the the Apple App Store to steal passwords an keychain entries, steal data from other app data stores, hijack network ports, and intercept communications from other apps. In this case, the scrutiny of the App Store has failed to prevent malware from being introduced. The exploits are not widespread, but Apple may need to adjust how they evaluate apps before approval.

Nearly 1 million new computer viruses are created every day

According to Symantec, over 317 million new computer viruses were created in 2014, which is nearly 1 million new threats every day. Some of the recent trends favored by cybercriminals:

Ransomware: These attacks increased 113% last year over the previous year. In this scheme, hackers encrypt the files on your computer and demand a ransom, which is typically between $300 and $500 in exchange for a decryption key that allows you to access your files.

Infected software updates: Cyberciminals hiide malware inside program updates so that you infect your own computer. When you install the update, you install the malware.

Social media scams: Cybercriminals use social media to share links to their malicious sites. Other users voluntarily share these with their friends, who are then more likely to click on links because they are form someone they know.

Fake social media Like buttons: Cyberciminals put fake Like buttons on their websites, which actually install malware. Clicking on these may also post updates on a user’s news feed, enticing other users and spreading the malware.