LastPass Premium Review

LastPass is a relative newcomer, having released the first version of LastPass in 2008; however, they offer one of the best products in the business. The company is now owned by Oracle.


LastPass Premium supports unlimited PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Features include:

  • Syncs your browser passwords across all devices
  • Auto-fill of logins and forms
  • Secure notes for digital recordkeeping
  • Share credentials with friends and colleagues
  • Password generator for easily creating strong passwords
  • Audit passwords with security challenge
  • Streamlines online shopping, allowing you to set up a profile for each family member
  • Includes a security auditor that evaluates your online security and identifies areas where you may need to improve, such as identifying weak and duplicate passwords
  • Provides several multifactor authentication options, including two-factor authentication using Yubikey, Google Authenticator, and fingerprint biometric authentication
  • Allows you to generate one-time passwords
  • Sesame utility, which allows you to implement secure logins using USB
  • Includes support for applications that require password logins

For users of the free version, mobile devices are not supported, tech support is limited, and fewer authentication options are available such as fingerprint authentication.


Installation and setup is fast and easy. They support all major device types and provide several authentication options, which are more secure than than those offered by competitors. LastPass also supports applications, such as your email program, that require logins. Their technical support options, however, are just average; about the same as most competitors but with fewer options than some.


LastPass Premium casts 12.00 per year. You can buy up to 10 years of use in advance to lock up the per year price. LastPass offers a free version with fewer features. They offer a 14-day trial for LastPass Premium. They also offer a bundle that includes their Xmarks Premium bookmark-syncing program at $20.00 per year.

Technical Support

LastPass provides an FAQ and forum. Email support is available for LastPass Premium customers. No phone or char support is available.


LastPass Premium gets our number 1 ranking. They provide more advanced multifactor authentication options that are more powerful than the competition. They also support more diverse device types. However, technical support options are on par with most competitors, but somewhat more limited than some who offer phone or live chat support.

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