Keeper Backup Review

Keeper Security, based in Chicago with development offices in Folsom, California, is a small company that has been around since 2011. Keeper Password Manager runs on millions of computers and mobile devices.


Keeper Password Manager supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Kindle, and Nook devices

  • Generates strong passwords and saves them to a secure online vault
  • Automatic login and autofill
  • Syncs your Keeper Vault across all devices
  • Automatically generates secure passwords
  • Autofills login credentials and personal data
  • Share records with other Keeper users
  • Secure file storage and backup in the Cloud Security Vault (additional fee?)
  • Two-factor authentication


Keeper Backup performs well in all categories. It supports two-factor authentication but does not provide as many authentication options as some other password managers. It supports more devices than most other competitors. The Cloud Security Vault uses 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy. Keeper does not provide password ratings and does not enforce a strong master password.


Keeper is somewhat pricier than competitors, but roughly in the same range. $9.99 for Keeper Backup that supports one user account and one device; $29.99 for Keeper Backup Unlimited for one user account and unlimited number of devices; free limited edition available. $9.99 per year for 10 GB or secure online file storage. Additional file storage available at additional cost.

Technical Support

Technical support is above average, with and FAQ and Live Chat, which puts it above most other password managers.


Keeper Backup is an excellent password manager whose main strength is its wide device support. If you want to access you password across many devices, including Kindles and Nooks, this is the right password manager for you.

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