Trend Micro Premium Security Review

Trend Micro is a Japanese company with a long presence in cybersecurity, going back to the late 1980s. They are a truly international country with excellent research capabilities in all aspects of cybersecurity.


Premium Security and Maximum Security are Trend Micro’s top-line products. Both Premium Security and Maximum Security provide a full range of features, along with several bonus features, for PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices. They both provide the same features, the price difference being the number of devices supported (you can install Premium Security on up to 5 devices, or up to 3 for Maximum Security) and amount of secure cloud storage space. Features for both products include:

  • Antimalware protection
  • Secure cloud storage (25MB for Premium Security, 5MB for Maximum Security) for online backups
  • Family protection (limits access to websites and desktop applications)
  • Phishing protection
  • Scans privacy settings on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Password manager for online accounts
  • Secure browser for safe online banking
  • System optimization
  • Encrypted file storage to lock confidential files


Trend Micro Premium and Maximum perform very fast scans. Their malicious website blocking ability is particularly accurate. Impact on system performance is about average, even when loaded up with all of the features.


Premium Security for five devices is $99.95 (currently on sale at $49.95) for 1 year. Maximum Security for three devices is $89.95 (on sale at $44.95) for one year. When comparing price to competitors you should take into account the additional features that are included in both products vs what the competition is offering.

Technical Support

Trend Micro provides phone support during business hours (or 24/7 if you’ve purchase Premium Service support) and also email and chat support, and also provides fee-based a la carte support services called Premium Services. These can be expensive, but if you do have a major incident, it may be worth it to have an expert sort things out for you.


Trend Micro offers an excellent product and is a leader in antimalware innovation. They are a first responder to new malware variations. Both of their premium products are full-featured and compare well to what the competition offers. Both Premium Security and Maximum Security are top performers and rank at the top.

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